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Welcome to our Astrosoftnet Edutainment world! “edutainment”, It consists of two words – education and entertainment. Our website aims to make “High Tech” easier and more transparent for a broader public through edutainment. There is an approach to bring students of mechatronics knowledge of the difficult scientific problems in the way of edutainment using soccer-playing robots. Our programs are designed to supplement the education offered through a variety of practical experiences that go beyond the classrooms. Experiences that teach, motivate and inspire children to discover and pursue their passions and be ready to take their place in a globalized world of tomorrow.

Our Astrosoftnet world not only inspires but it can also educate the world about the scientific and technical advancements we are making. Most importantly the content, the data we have for all age groups are free for learning.

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Our resources are built to stir the mind of the youth to nurture their curiosity to explore the world of Astronomy/Physics/Chemistry, most importantly Natural Science among them AstrosoftNet strives to create an educational and entertaining experience that serves to invigorate interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We are here to provide the right platforms/avenues where the innate talents of young people are developed and encouraged, as well as promote healthy interactions among them by Ensuring that they develop world-class skills in their areas of interest especially in natural science. To build up our youth generation being capable of design and execute an astronomical observing program. Providing all age group the stage that formulates the major open questions in astronomy and evaluates the results of recent studies Giving the motivations to effectively search, understand and utilize the professional astronomical literature